Welcome to the new dressage season we are really looking forward to welcoming new and returning competitors in 2018.

Full details of all shows are on the show pages we are running from Prelim to Grand prix through the coming season  


February to April shows offer the chance to qualify for the Sheepgate Tack and Togs Championship  - check out their website for details 

All Witham Villa riders are eligible to enter the Witham Villa sections in shows to see if they can qualify for the Witham Villa Championship Show

To qualify you need to attain  

Intro, Prelim and Novice 3 scores of 60% or over during the season 


Check out the events page for details of British Dressage Training being held here at Witham Villa in 2017

Check out Hannah Smith's article on the 2017 dressage season here at Witham Villa:-




By Hannah Smith


So as the showing season starts coming to an end, competitors are trying to pull out all the stops before the championship show. It was an early start for all competitors whether they were coming from outside or using the Witham Villas fantastic horses and ponies.




Saddles on and the show began starting with the junior class, each rider pushed to try and improve their last score or get their new horse used to showing. The age of the horses or the riders did not show as they worked in sync making everything look easy, even a foot put wrong was brushed off as they perfected the next transition.




Big pats all round. After each pair has done their best and awaiting the results, they can only sit and hope they have won or placed. Scores up and tests were given back everyone walks away happy with what they have got and know how to improve for the next one. Next month and it starts again but who will be the winner? Until then practice is put in and improvements are made as next month is anyone's game.




Congratulations to all the first places this show and to everyone who competed.




What a great way to celebrate 25 years since Witham Villa opened, it showed everyone what Verity and her team has achieved over the years and I'm sure there is plenty more to come.


Photos by Sarah









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