Do I need Personal Insurance?

Riding is a Risk Sport and whilst we are totally safety conscious, horses can be unpredictable and we recommend that clients invest in personal accident insurance. For your safety:- We are licensed by Harborough District Council which involves an annual inspection to ensure that all required safety standards are met. We are approved by the British Horse Society which again involves an annual inspection.

What do I need to wear?

It is essential that any time you get onto a horse or pony, you wear a Riding Hat that meets the current safety standards. We have a selection of different sizes meeting current regulations available to hire if you do not have your own.You also need to wear Shoes or boots that have a smooth sole and small defined heel. This is so your foot will not get stuck in the stirrup. We regret trainers or Wellingtons are unsuitable. Again, we have a selection of boots available to hire if you need to.We recommend that our clients always wear Gloves as these protect your hands from possible blisters and keep your hands warm in winter!You will need to wear comfortable long trousers - jodhpurs are specially designed for riding, but any comfortable trousers, for instance jogging bottoms will be fine to get you started. Any clothing worn should be suitable for the weather conditions and must be fastened for safety. We recommend that you wear a long sleeved top.Many riders choose to wear Back Protectors to provide extra protection. They are particularly recommended to clients who start jumping.

How do I book a Lesson?

Give us a ring on 01455 282694 to discuss your requirements and enable us to book you into a suitable lesson.



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