Do you have a rider weight limit?

We have a weight limit of 14 stone, as we do not have any horses suitable of carrying any heavier weight. We would ask all our clients to adhere to this as it is to ensure the welfare of our horses.

Do you cater for riders with disabilities?

The Kimberley House RDA group meet regularly at Witham Villa on a Thursday afternoon. Additionally, we may be able to cater for riders with disabilities that come to Witham Villa direct, providing that they have registered with us first and we have a signed agreement from their Doctor that horse riding is a suitable activity, and that Witham Villa is able to provide a suitable horse/pony for their individual needs.

What do I do when I come for my first lesson?

When you come for your first lesson, please arrive 15 minutes early to enable you to be ready to start on time. You will need to come through the small gate leading from the car park. Then walk along by the manege, past the stables until you come to Reception at the bottom. When you go through this door, you will then be greeted by our member of staff on reception duties, and you will be able to pay for your lesson, find out which horse you are riding and which arena you will be in, make sure you have a hat correctly fitted and that your clothes and boots are suitable, and re-book as appropriate. We will also ask you to complete a Client Information Form for our records and to explain the health and safety requirements whilst you are at Witham Villa.

Do you cater for groups?

We are pleased to cater for groups. Please ring 01455 282694 to discuss your individual requirements.

Will I be riding indoors or outdoors?

We have both an Indoor and Outdoor school, and also a Show Jumping Paddock and Working Hunter Course during the summer months. We book lessons in both the indoor and outdoor arenas concurrently. If your lesson normally takes place in the outdoor school, please come suitably dressed depending on the weather conditions! In the event of weather conditions preventing the lesson from carrying on in the outdoor school, it is our policy to double up the lessons in the large indoor school.



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