2018 School Holiday Activities

Event Date: 
Monday, January 1, 2018 - 09:30

Times and Prices for 2018

Pony club members £3 discount on all pony club events inc junior days and pony club days 

Junior Day           9.00am - 3.30pm £39          For any young person who would like to "have a go" or OUR riders in the 1/2 hr or 3/4 hr lessons.

Pony Club Day     9.00am - 3.30pm £39          For all riders in the hour lessons 

Junior camps       2 days 9am - 3.30 £72         3 days 9am - 3.30 £110       For any young person who would like a go"or OUR riders in the 1/2 hour or 3/4 hour lessons

Pony club camps  2 days 9am - 3.30 £75        3 days 9am - 3.30  £115      4 days 8am - 5pm £155         5 days 8am - 5pm £195     For all riders in the hour lessons

Pony Club care and test day 9 - 3.30 £25 + badge cost

Show jump day 9 - 3.30pm £39

XC day 9 am - 3.30pm £39

One day event     Tests start at 9.45  £45 be on yard to prepare own horse etc 

Best turn out  10am - 3pm £20

Pony pamper 10am - 3pm £20

Gymkhana and fun days 10am - 3pm £25

Clear Round Showjumping on Witham Villa horses £10 per round. Own horse £6 Booking essential.  

Sunday showjumping starts 1.30pm     Weekdays 10am you need to allow yourself enough time to get horse ready 

Adult camp      Arrive between 8.30am and 9am finish at 2.30/3pm  Own horse      2 days £90       1 day  £50   Stabling £10 

                                                                                                   Witham Horse 2days  £105     1 day £55     

Adult day  9ish - 2.30ish (around school times)  £45



The cafe is open on all events days serving hot and cold meals/snacks for the riders and supporters - there is a choice of food to suit everyone inc vegetarian 


18th  Witham Villa Championship Show classess are intro C, Prelim 17A, Novice 23 Entires via equo 


24th Fun day drop the kids off while you finish off those last minute jobs.  We will entertain them with lots of fun activities inc games and challenges 

27th Pony camp  - Essential for all riders who want to improve their pony care knowledge, practical and riding twice during the day 

28th  Junior Day   the children ride twice in 2 x 40 minute lessons, learn some basic pony care, have lots of fun and gain in confidence around the ponies. 


2nd   NEW Holiday dressage league for all of our riders who would like to have a go at riding a dressage test,  we are running an annual league where you will gain points for both riding and turnout, which will culminate in prizes at the end of the year.  3 age groups 9  years and under, 10 - 12 years and 13 years + 9am - 4pm £39 

Tests will be intro A and prelim 12

This will be a day that all riders will be assisted in both preparing their ponies and riding the test.  During the morning there will be practice sessions and in the afternoon the competiton will be held 

The league is for all our riders to come and have a go with no pressure or expectations just to learn a new skill, enjoy measuring your results over the year and have lots of fun. 

3rd    BD youth day - with Veirty Saul coaching session in the morning + theory of test riding, horse & rider preparation.  TBC

4th  Clear round showjumping - 3 classes 60cm 70cm and 80+ all assisted if required 10am start come earlier to get your horse ready


 Please speak to reception regarding events during the xmas holidays 




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